Tips for Running your own coffee shop

1. Have good coffee

You will be surprised to hear some coffee shops “falling” here. Even the biggest coffee shops of the best-known chains sometimes have bad coffee, which will not cover the best possible service: First of all, therefore, make sure your flagship product, ie coffee, is at least “reasonable”. Of course, the better it is, the more customers will attract you (and you can even consider raising prices from time to time), but it is important to invest in a good coffee machine and its proper use.

2. Atmosphere

Think of the coffee shops of the big companies: Aroma and Arcaffe in Israel, Stravax abroad – all look the same, as if they were coming from the same production line, the cashier’s environment always looks the same, the seating area is very similar. At one of the branches of the large chains, so go for the change of atmosphere: Make your own cafe … Give it personal touches, make it look at the neighborhood it is in. Let your customers feel at home, not in an industrial copy that has dozens of clones. , Turn your coffee shop into a place where you would like to sit and have qzz in your life.

3. Staff

Yes, employees need to be efficient and look representative, but the most important is their attitude. Perhaps the cafes of the big chains can afford untidy workers and sour faces, but you do not. Make sure, therefore, that the staff – all of them, no matter what their function – know the correct uses of the words “thank you”, “goodbye” and similar. They do not have to be nice and smiling, but minimal courtesy can guarantee long-term customer loyalty.

4. Be attentive

Any commercial business that provides service to customers must have in mind the order of priorities that the client heads. Know them, and train the staff, never argue with customers and always strive to satisfy their will. Remember, a satisfied customer is a customer who will come back to you again and again and can bring more customers with him.

5. Opening hours

Think about hours when your coffee shop will be open and closed. You want to be available to customers when the customers are around, and on the other hand there is no point in opening when there is no living person on the street. Do not forget to take into account holidays as well, and be aware of urban events taking place in your neighborhood. For example, when a white night is held in Tel Aviv, it is not advisable to close the cafe at nine in the evening. Also, if there is any type of fair or other event going up or down the street, consider extending the opening hours beyond normal.

6. Menu

Most of us like something sweet alongside coffee, cake or bagel. But would you like to say goodbye to a customer who wants to eat something a little more “serious” for lunch? of course not. Be sure, therefore, to diversify as much as possible in your menu. This does not mean that you have to specialize in pastas or roast meat, but it is also worthwhile to offer light sandwiches or salads, in order to appeal to the hungry public as well as to the thirsty crowd.

7. Electricity and Internet

Today’s coffee shops are becoming more and more a social gathering where people like to sit and do something other than sip coffee. For example, you can see a lot of students studying for exams, businessmen in important meetings, even just guys who like to sit with a laptop and surf Facebook while enjoying a good cappuccino. Consider those customers – spread electrical outlets reasonably and worry wireless internet in the complex.

8. Seating

You know those who sit for four hours on one espresso, deal with their business and actually take seats that could be filled by other paying customers. On the other hand, they can not sit there all day, because you still want to run a business, for example, there are coffee shops that require a certain minimum order, another example is cafes that offer the Internet for a fixed fee only, The customers will have to pay again for the stay in the compound That.

9. Coffee cards

You will not understand how much this patent increases sales, until you try it yourself. Think of it this way: Which coffee would you prefer to buy, one that offers you “Buy a few more and get free coffee” or one that does not offer anything? The answer is clear. A tab of this type actually has two great advantages: on the one hand, it means for the customer is “this cafe invites me to come back and wants me as a customer in the future.” On the other hand, for the owners of the coffee shop, remember that even at a cafe that the customer received for free he will probably want to order some kind of cookie, and here you have missed the small loss of this coffee cup.

10. Advertising

Do not let people out there forget about your existence. Nowadays, the word “advertising” does not necessarily involve high-budget campaigns, and it is necessary to hire a large advertising agency to reach your pockets. You should also take a professional, but with a much cheaper and effective method: the Internet. Open a Facebook page, a Flickr account, tweet on Twitter or send emails with “Happy Birthday” greetings to customers. Do not lose sight of your customers, and they will always be happy to get back to you.